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My Name is Georgina

04 Apr 2014 by In Short Drama


Tricked into a life of servitude in the UK, a teenage African girl manages to escape from her traffickers. Aided by a teenage truant she gains freedom, safety and the education she has longed for.


‘My Name is Georgina’ is a story of injustice, validation and triumph over adversity.

West African 14-year-old Georgina is deceived into coming to England on the promise of payment and education. Upon arrival she finds herself living an existence of servitude and virtual imprisonment when the promises are soon forgotten. Forced into roaming an alien environment alone during the day she is befriended by cocky truant Brit (15), who gives her hope of freedom and protection. When her traffickers become increasingly violent, both mentally and physically, Georgina escapes only to be locked up in a Police cell. With help from Brit she agrees to testify against her traffickers and is taken into foster care. Finally her hope for security and an education is fulfilled.

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